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Your Best Friend is Waiting For YOU!

A Krabloonik Sled Dog has all the qualities of a very well-conditioned Olympic Athlete. When one of our athletes is no longer suited for pulling in a dog sled team, we seek to find them kind, caring and loving homes.

Considerations In Adopting A Krabloonik Sled Dog

A sled dog, even a retired one, needs daily physical activity and exercise. If you live in a city environment where you might be unable to provide long walks on and off a lead then it is best you consider adopting a dog from another source.

Dogs are very adaptable. When you first meet a Krabloonik Dog and see his personality traits, please remember a trait might change when the dog is brought into your environment.

Our puppies have lived their entire lives outdoors with daily routine. Any change can be stressful. You can help your adopted dog adjust quickly by treating him patiently and lovingly during the transition.

Prior to adoption, your dog will receive all required vaccinations and will be spayed/neutered and wormed. These medical costs and any transportation costs from our location to your home will be your responsibility.